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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 11:27 pm

Roleplaying is fun, but for it to be fun and safe, we need a short set of rules for your safety.

1. No swearing- Words like fox dung, mouse brain, and others like this are allowed, but no human swearing words. Also, no, kits can't run around swearing, be sure to tell them it's wrong, because it's just annoying for kits to swear.

2. No God-modding, power-playing, no telling me I fell from the tree, obviously.

3. Your are not allowed to find a petty excuse for a kit you have to die just because you want a new character. It's cruel, and it's wrong. Same as for other cats, no sudden dying.

4. No mating scenes. Obviously.

5. Your female cat can't have more than six kits, that's a huge. Imagine the cannon warriors rarely touched three or four. They are, after all, wild cats, not pampered kittypets.
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Roleplay Rules
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