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 Rank System

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On WB, we have a rank system in place for your characters. You can level up the ranks by fulfilling the requirements stated below.

All cats start out as kits. To become an new apprentice, your cat must have been a kit for one week IRL time. They must also have either: Created one topic focused on their kit + posted at least ten posts as a kit, OR they can participate in other's topics, posting at least 15 times as a kit.

We have split the Apprentice rank into two - New Apprentice and Older Apprentice, for purposes of the battle system. To level up from New Apprentice to Older Apprentice, your cat must have: Gone on one patrol, participate in a training topic, and, optionally, attended at least one Gathering, as well as being a New Apprentice for at least two weeks. To progress from Older Apprentice to Warrior, your cat must go on at least one more patrol, attend a Gathering, if they did not do so before, complete an assessment or participants in a battle, and be a Older Apprentice for at least two weeks.

The Warrior Rank, like the Apprentice rank, is split up for purposes of the battle system. To progress from Newly Appointed Warrior to Young Warrior, you cat must have been a Newly Appointed Warrior for at least two weeks, and gone on at least 1 patrol or participated in at least 1 battle. Young Warrior to Warrior has the same requirements, but the cat must also attend a Gathering, and mentored an apprentice. Warrior to Experienced Warrior requires the cat to have been a Warrior for at least a month, and have gone on two patrols or battles, and another Gathering. Finally, Experienced Warrior to Senior Warrior requires being an Experienced Warrior for two months, three battles or patrols, and at least two Gatherings.

Once a cat has held the rank of Senior Warrior for at least three months, they are eligible to become an elder.

Special Ranks
Special ranks work differently to regular ranks. If your cat is selected to become a medicine cat apprentice, they must fulfill the Kit-to-New Apprentice requirements first. The Medicine Cat Apprentice rank is not split in two like the regular apprentice rank is. For a Medicine Cat Apprentice to become a fully-fledged Medicine Cat, they must have held the rank of Medicine Cat Apprentice for at least two months, attended two Gatherings and helped in the healing of a cat. Note that even if the current medicine cat is still alive at the time of the apprentice's ceremony, the medicine cat apprentice will become the joint medicine cat.
Medicine cats that have healed at least five cats, attended three gatherings and have been the Medicine Cat for at least four months are eligible to become an elder.

Deputies are selected by their leader to succeed them as the leader of the Clan. To be eligible to be selected as deputy, it is recommended that the cat have at least achieved the rank of Warrior, have mentored at least one apprentice and be roleplayed by a active user.
Leaders have no requirements, other than that they must have been deputy immediately before the past leader died. Leaders get nine lives, and when they die are succeeded by their deputies.

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Rank System
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