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 High Ranking Cats

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PostSubject: High Ranking Cats   High Ranking Cats EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 11:14 pm

Welcome to Warrior Bloodlines!

We are a new site here, run by the fantastic Deep and myself, Tawny. We're looking to get the roleplaying kick-started soon, and we need help.

Normally, all cats on this site start out as kits. But since the Clans don't have leaders or warriors or.... anyone yet, we are permitting you, for a limited time, to create cats that are warriors. They'll all be Newly Appointed Warriors or Young Warriors - please refer to the list of suffixes for your cats. We'll need a minimum of five or six per Clan. In addition to this, we'll need some high rankers! We need leaders, deputies, and medicine cats. Please make your cats in the Cat Creation forum, and notify us here.

I will be roleplaying Dapplestar, leader of MudClan, and Deep will be roleplaying Sparrowstar, leader of LeafClan. Current open positions are:

LakeClan Leader
GrassClan Leader
MudClan Deputy
LeafClan Deputy
GrassClan Deputy
WoodClan Deputy
LakeClan Deputy
MudClan Medicine Cat
LeafClan Medicine Cat
GrassClan Medicine Cat
WoodClan Medicine Cat
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PostSubject: Re: High Ranking Cats   High Ranking Cats EmptyFri Nov 11, 2016 6:57 pm

LakeClan leader called Ivystar? And LeafClan Medicat? You can find Ivystar's creation in CAT creation and ive made Medicat character.
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High Ranking Cats
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